Strategi Peningkatan Kualitas Produk Lokal ”Teh Sepang”Menggunakan Metode Quality Function Deployment (Qfd) Di Kabupaten Sumbawa

Rahmawati, Sumarlin, Junaidi Efendi



Teh Sepang’ is a specialdrink of Sumbawanese people which included basic ingredient from Secang(Sepang)tree(CaesalpiniaSappan L). This research was aimed to know: attributes that becomecustomers’ priority to choose the local product that is tehsepang’.Identifiedthe variablesof techniqueproduction had direct influence in improvement the quality of local product tehsepang’. Analysed how far the quality product performance in customer needs’ and satisfaction. The method of this research wasdescriptive method, by using survey approach. This research was conducted in West Alas District, Sumbawa Regency. A technique of data collection was interview VOC (Voice of Customer) trough questioner. Technique of data sampling waspurposive sampling. The data in this research was analysed by using Quality Function Deployment (QFD).

Based on the result of analysed Importance to Customer showed that there were 10 first important level from the customers of tehsepang’ that was; 1) The price appropriate with others attributes, 2) Man-power to produce tehsepang’, 3) The ingredients influence the taste, 4) Products’ Information, 5) Place of production, 6) Products’ Image, 7) The ingredients influence aromatic8) Appropriate technology,9) Compatibility ingredients of production, 10) Contents’ protection (its mean that the pack can use to safe the tea). Whilefrom 10 variables of technique production there were three variables which most influencetowardthe product quality increase that was; mix all of the ingredients into tea pouch, packaging into available tea boxes, and sort out the materials. While the highest customers’satisfaction performance at three sub product attributes included herbal tea with customer satisfaction performance level in the amount of 4.17, sub attribute of the new local product customers’ satisfaction performance level in the amount of 4.57 and sub attribute of appropriate technology with customers’ satisfaction performance level in the amount of 3.87.


Keywords: Quality Increase, TehSepang’, Importance to Customer, Quality Function Deployment

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