Histamine test kit formation from Manganase (II), 5-fluorouracil and Alizarin red S complex compound

Hijriati Sholehah, Hismi Susane


This researh aims to detect the presence of histamine by forming complex compounds of 5-fluorouracil, Mn (II) metal ions and alizarin red S reagents. This type of research is a laboratory experiment. This research was conducted at the Ikip Chemistry Laboratory in 2019. The results showed that the Test Kit that was made could be used to detect the presence of histamine determining the existence of histamine qualitatively viewable color formed based on complex compounds of  Mn(II)-His-5FU-ARS seen from the shift in wavelength of maximum generated.. The making of the histamine test kit is made by varying the concentration of 10-100 ppm at 10 ppm   intervals under optimum conditions and can be used to make a color comparator solution. Then  the method validity test is done by making a standard histamine curve that gives a regression equation  y = 0.001x + 0.3364 with a correlation coefficient (r2) = 0.9972. Based on the validity test method, the accuracy value is in the range of  95.0-106% and the results of the test kit on tuna samples indicate that the histamine test kit made has a good accuracy value because the average recovery value is 96%.



Histamine; 5-fluorouracil; Manganase (II); Alizarin red S; Test Kit

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