Analisis Suseptibilitas Magnetik Batuan Pengeboran di Blok Elang Sumbawa

Romi Aprianto, Kirbani Sri Brtopuspito


Magnetic susceptibility measurements have been performed in 6 holes hole (ROM-001, ROM-002, ROM-003, ROM-004, ROM-005, dan ROM-006) in Elang, Sumbawa. This study aimed to determine the correlation between magnetic susceptibility in holes. Magnetic measurements were performed using Suceptibility Meter KT-10. Data processing is done by using software Oasis Montaj Drillhole Plotting to analyze correlations and relationships between holes. The interpretation shows that there’s correlation between magnetic susceptibility values with intrusion system of phorphyry Cu-Au. The highest range of magnetic susceptibility value is in Chlorite Sericite Zone (pgm) 0.19x10-3 SI to 1459x10-3 SI. From the magnetic susceptibility values have been estimated position of the intrusion, which is in the ROM 006.


Magnetic Susceptibility, Magnetic Susceptibility Meter, copper-gold porphyry

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